Write up to 30 pages and win up to 30.000 €

  1. ANGELO LOVEFULL-an extremely dangerous 4 short volumes. You write book No 5.
  2. MONYNO (MONEY? No!) in 3short volumes. You write book 4.
  3. RESTORATION NOW! DIRECT DEMOCRACY. MORAL MERITOCRATIC! Only the best civil servants and local admin. officers will go to the parliament, elected by only their colleagues. No extra salary. At last, the end of the present pseudodemocracy, actually the dictatorship of top chiefs. No more political parties, general elections, presidents, prime ministers, kings, religious chiefs….no more wars, caused by their ego-fights…. Respect to all living beings, particularly to children and women. A new mothercentric culture at last, before it is too late. One short volume. You write the next, on the same subject
  4. CHRIST AND BUDDHA-Parallel teachings. Both teachings are based on mothercentric humanistic values which consist the foundation for the mothercentric culture in our times. One short volume. You write the next, on the same subject.


The competition will start on the date that will be announced by the manager off this competition. We are looking for an online, or printed book publisher, or an individual, or an organization for the management of this competition .

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